Portrait by  Caleb Fox

Portrait by Caleb Fox

Aaron Gage Lewis is a multidisciplinary art director and designer with 7+ years of experience in art direction, graphic design, architecture, and photography. He is based in Seattle and can usually be found reading magazines and the internet, drinking coffee, or Instagramming (often at the same time). 

Aaron is currently a senior designer at Intentional Futures in Seattle, following stints as a contractor with FiftyThree, Deloitte Digital, and Graphiti Associates. Prior to relocating to the Pacific Northwest from Chicago in December 2014, he led the award-winning Green Building & Design (gb&d) team at Guerrero Howe Custom Media, guiding the growing brand and art directing the magazine's print and digital editions. His specialties include editorial, mobile/tablet, web, print, illustration, identity, and brand strategy.

If you would like to discuss a project or collaboration, email aaronglewis@gmail.com.

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